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Dating of Forum Messages

Hi Glenn
Just registered today,20131115, having a look around for some of our customers, also will get our accounts lady to have a look.
Question: could you please implement dating of these questions, It makes it easier to find current answers.
And can you implement multiple currencies?
And a customers question, can the program be run on a local server (in house)???. can backup be kept locally?
All the best

Transaction Entry Page

Hi Glen,

I am a mobile IT support Business and so am often using clients own computer to log into and generate the invoice, my concern is that they are often sitting right beside me and because the new cash worksheet is at the bottom they inadvertently get to see details of other clients payments as well as my total earnings as the page scrolls down to the bottom of the list. Is it possible to have the new payment input form at the top of the list and the list going down from newest to oldest or maybe a new page/popup for filling in the form without exposing private data?

Regards Phil

ABN Lookup

Hi Glen, thanks for your phone call today.
One thought, you use the ABN lookup feature for the initial Organisation set up. Could this feature be used in Customer and Supplier info?

PDF Customer Statement

Hi Glen,

I love using the software thus far.

One request from me is to be able to PDF a STATEMENT to my customer, summarizing all the invoices that are still outstanding as of a cut off date (say, 31 Dec 2012).

As it is now, I do a screen capture from the Receivable Worksheet, paste it on a Word Document (with my company's logo on it), then export to PDF, finally send it to customer.

Accounting 101 manual

Hi Glen,
For us accounting novices, it would be good if you could provide an accounting 101 manual that uses your site, or alternatively a link to a site that teaches some accounting basics that is consistent with the way Free Accounting software should be used.

Feature Request

Hi Glen,
As a person whose only knowledge of accounting is how to write a cheque to his Accountant, I am finding your software easy to use, so many thanks for that.
I would like to see a Cash Flow Forecast sheet perhaps using the existing accounts and customers.
Thanks again,

Invoice email indicator

Hi Glen,
One small inclusion for me would be an indicator that the invoice/receipt etc has been emailed/printed, perhaps a tick or x, as I find I have made up an invoice but not yet ready to send it, and it is among others that have been sent.
I like it.

Importing Bank Statements

I would like to see importing of bank statements


Credit payments reqport

Hi Glen,
Just started using your software and have thus far found it to be a very useful tool. One query - can we get a couple of extra reports? Specifically refering to credit payments.
Can we get a report that perhaps itemises the credit payments by the supplier names?


Feature Request

Hi Glen

I love the function to be able to email an invoice or receipt straight from the accounting software and I did manage to sort out the PDF templates, thank you.

There are a couple of fields in the cash & sales received screens that would be really handy when doing future updates on the software, then to be able to take them through to the PDF.

My business quite often delivers the products to a different address to the customer so it would be great to have a field to put in the delivery details for each invoice. This can then be added to the PDF template if required.

It would also be great to have a field to add just a message to the customer without having to add it to an email. That way all the info is stored in one place and can be referred back to at any time.

On the note of having everything in one place. Another field that would be really useful would be a booking reference (not to be seen by the customer, just so I could see it and reference back to it for any issues with courier deliveries).

I know theses are only minor things but they would become extremely useful (for me anyway, to be able to consolidate the numerous excel spreadsheets I have into one web based accounting program).

Kind Regards

Feature Request

Just replying to my own message to let everyone know my current plans for improvements.

I am in the process of implementing online tax returns and hop to have this ready for the 2012 financial year.

I am also looking at making the site easier to navigate by improving the layout of the header and the Organisation Menu (which is the page you see after you click your organisation's name). These will be minor changes but I am hoping that they will make a big difference for new users.

Feature Requests

We're always trying to improve Free Accounting Software. If you have any suggestions for us reply to this message.

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