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Hello Glen. I'm wondering if there is a way that I can easily view my exported XBRL General Ledger files?

Hi Glen

Can you direct me to software I can import XBRLGL files that I have exported from my account.

I have tried out some software options (Apex Xbrl Maker 2011 Free Edition) that can create and edit XBRL file extensions but haven't found anything that will import XBRLGL

Open office does not seem to have an add on to use for this import, ms excel does have an add on for XBRL but not sure if it works with XBRL GL.

I like to feel secure that I have backup copies of my data that I can can use independent of a server in the event of a server crash or hack etc.

Many Thanks
Is there a way to export to excel or some other easily opened file? When I sent the exported file to my accountant he couldn't open it.

Hi Everyone,

I've had many requests for this and I am pleased to say I now have a solution. I have made a video of how to do it here:

The reason I've been using an XBRLGL format is that it contains 100% of the information in your organisation. All the easily readable formats like csv will lose some data. However, I now have a solution which allows you to open the XBRLGL file in a spreadsheet which means you get the best of both worlds! I've done the hard work so for you it's just a couple clicks and it's in a spreadsheet. Please watch the video as it explains it better than I can here.

Also in relation to the server crash/hack issue, I back up the data every day and take precautions to make sure it's secure. Since I started (in 2003) nothing like that has ever happened.
Thanks Glen, I used openoffice and the filter works exactly as you show in the video, just what I wanted for backup.

If requiring an excel file: from open office you can save it as an .xls some formatting may not hold but all the information is laid out the same.
Hi Glen

I tested the filter in openoffice and libreoffice they both produce the same result,in the "Transaction" sheet information is there but in some cases appears under an incorrect column header and in some cases does not list the "Account Type" on entries. But it does do the job that suit my needs, Thanks
hi can you export the data saved here to myob software used by our accountant ?
Hi James,

On the transaction page the account type, description is only shown on the first entry for that account. You can use the account id to lookup the other information.


Hi Dan,

Your accountant should just use Free Accounting Software. Your accountant can register and then you can grant your accountant access to your organisation. That way your accountant can post the adjustment journals directly and save time for everyone.

I understand that your accountant may have a preferred software, however, my time is limited and I think the above solution works better anyway.



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