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Hi Glen,
When creating new customers, employees etc, do you recommend selecting C or Customer; E or Employee etc?
Hi Glen,
I wouldn't mind the ability to enter the ID and "force" the software to create a new customer, employee etc in the ID of my choice, for better organization. For example, I have created 5 employees and want to create a customer, which I want to start at number 101, so that later employees can be created as 6, 7, etc.
Hi Steven,

Thanks for the comments. I try to keep the layout simple so that it is easy to use.

For the customer/suppliers/employees (aka identifiers) it doesn't really matter what type you pick. You'll notice that you can enter all types of transactions to any type of identifier. "C" and "customer" are the same.

For the id fields, initially I let people enter the id. However people were entering the name in the id field so I had to change it. It doesn't really matter anyway as whenever you need to select the account you use an auto complete select so that you don't see the id anyway. If for example you need to see the account "id" on your reports just set up all your accounts with a name such as "123 - Sales Revenue".



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