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How do I show my 'cash worksheet' transactions FROM a certain date TO a certain date. I want to see them Month-by-Month. - Not 'AS AT' date, where it shows every transaction up to that date.

Thanks in advance
Hi David,

To do this the first step is to reconcile your bank account. The system determines which transactions that it needs to display by using your reconciliations. If you have never reconciled your bank account it will show you every transaction. To find out how to reconcile your bank account look at the Bank Reconciliation Video.

After you reconcile your bank account you will see just one line, which states "Bank Statement Balance" with the amount being the bank statement balance.

If you then want to see the opening balance plus transactions during the month, then simply extract the report for the end of the month. Then click the link "1 month history". This will then show you the unreconciled transactions plus anything reconciled within the month prior to the balance date, i.e. opening balance plus movement.

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