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Needing to add a general comment to the body of the invoice- How can i add a general comment to the body of the invoice?? I have tried to add a general comment with the amount column being ZERO but it wont save the entry to show on the invoice? Please help
How do you raise a quote for a client?
This might be better described as adding a line to an invoice with no amount. It's not currently possible. Although I can see how that would be useful and I will think about enabling that.

You may be able to solve the problem by one of the following means:
1. Use the entry comment field.
2. Just add it to the end of another line comment field that has an amount.
3. Add it directly to a custom invoice template, where it is required on every invoice.

You may want to use a custom invoice template to make sure you have enough space for this. Or you can try upload the long lines format invoice that is provided on the Sales Invoice PDF upload page.

Quotes are currently not possible. I will add this at some point. In the meantime the only option would be to set up a separate organisation for quotes and modify the sales invoice template to change the heading to Quote.

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