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Hi Glen
I am setting up the Sales Invoice and the basic layout appears fine but I as I am not registered for GST I was wondering whether you had a template already for something like this. Also where do I adjust the header so that the it says "Invoice" instead of "Tax Invoice" or have I been given bad advice.

Many Thanks

Dave Stergo
Also. Do you have to modify each page of the template?
The default template is fine for the situation where you are not registered for GST. However it can be improved by deleting all the GST fields AND adding a statement that reads: "No GST has been charged".

Search the ATO website for "How to set out tax invoices and invoices".

The template has 3 pages. You should modify them all because if your invoice goes over 1 page the other pages are used. You could get started with a 1 page invoice and the system will work with the 1 page invoice, but if additional pages are required they won't print.

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