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How do I enter my Activity Statements manually? Ones I lodge and pay PAYG Activity Statements to the ATO, what kind of entry do I need to do to move these from Liabilities into expenses as paid? Same with Super. How do I record the actual payment to a Super fund? Thank you, Pavel
You cannot enter it the activity statement manually. The software generates the activity statement numbers from the transactions you enter. If you want to enter it manually just log on to the ATO business portal

Using to generate your BAS should save time and reduce errors as you need to enter your transactions anyway. Sales invoices and pay slips need to be recorded at the time other transactions could be recorded later but should be done before you do your BAS not after.

For the payment of PAYG you should have a tax code called PAYG Paid to ATO. This should have the appropriate BAS classifications and a tax rate of 100%. Check the video called "GST Payment Video".

For the payment of super the superannuation "tax code" should have a tax percentage rate of 100% and when you pay it you simply enter a payment against this tax code. You can choose superannuation expense as the account but as the net amount is zero nothing gets posted to the account anyway. Superannuation is technically not a tax but the "taxes" in Free Accounting Software are also used for provisions like super.

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