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Hi Glen,

I have exported a stack of data out of Xero to csv, and want to import all to FAS. Is there a template of how i should set up all the info to import?
Hi Guy,

Free Accounting Software can import data in XBRL Global Ledger (XBRLGL) format. It's a structured file format based on XML/XBRL.

If you are quite technically minded you could try to build an XBRLGL file from the csv file. I don't know what information a Xero csv would have in it or how it would be structured. Depending on how it is structured converting it could vary in difficulty from as easy as inserting tags between the fields, through to completely impossible.

If you want to try I think the easiest approach is to follow these steps:
1. Create an organisation in Free Accounting Software
2. Enter some example transactions.
3. Export that data so that you can see the format.
4. Convert the csv file to that format.

You don't have to import everything in one go. You might find it easier to import customers and suppliers, then sales etc.

Also make sure you check all the balances and details imported.


excellent advice, thanks Glen

I will have a shot at it
There is now an import csv transactions page to make it easier to do this kind of thing.

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