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Hi Glenn,
Thanks for this software, I was trying to build an access database however this is prefect for my requirements.

I hope you can help me out with a Bank Rec issue - I need to "delete" the rec that was done and redo it correctly, however I cannot find how I can do this. I have located the ungroup option and tried this but when completing the rec again I have multiple balances (offsetting so it nets to zero) but it looks messy.

Is there a way to completely delete the rec and re-perfom this correctly leaving only the correct entries, not multiple balances.
thanks in advance.
Hi Warren,

The best thing to do is hide them by reconciling them with each other. E.g. if you reconcile plus $100 with minus $100 and the amount next to the "Post Reconciliation" button is zero then the system will not add another bank statement amount. Because the plus and minus amount net to zero they are hidden.



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