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Free Accounting Software Forum - How can I split a complicated tax invoice total?

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I have an invoice from my insurance broker that splits amounts into;
a)Base Premium = X
b)FSL = 0
c)Insurer Policy Charge = X
d)Insurer Total GST = 10% of a +c
e)Stamp Duty = X
f)Broker Fee = X
g)Broker Fee GST = 10 of F
h)Invoice Total = too much! :)

Am I right in thinking that I need to journal these amounts into their applicable accounts? I can't see a way of doing this in the accounts payable section unless I put the total sum into Insurance premiums and then manually adjust the GST.
Then, do I need to account for the stamp duty payment somewhere??
Hi Henk,

You need to click the button "Add regular line". This will allow you to split the transaction over multiple lines and add different accounts and tax codes to each line. You can do this on all of the entry types, Cash Payment, Purchase Invoice or General Journal etc.

Don't manually adjust the GST. Split it into GST Free and GST Taxable lines.

The stamp duty would just go to the account insurance premiums.



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