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what are the differences between cash worksheets & receivable, payable worksheets?

I want to enter the receipts of thing my business is buying. My confusion is, inside ether one of these headings I can put cash received or cash payment.
The accounts receivable worksheet shows what your customers owe to you. The payable is what you owe to your suppliers and the cash worksheet is what's in your bank.

Cash Received can be entered on the Cash Worksheet or the Receivable Worksheet. It will display on the Cash Worksheet (unless hidden because it is reconciled) and will show on the Receivable Worksheet if was paying a previous Sales Invoice (although if the invoice is fully paid it would be hidden).

If you want to allocate the Cash Received against a previous Sales Invoice then you need to enter it on the Receivable Worksheet. Otherwise you can enter it on either worksheet.

Cash Payments work in pretty much the same way.

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