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Free Accounting Software Forum - Can Not Retrieve Activity Statements from ATO using Auskey

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I have just tried to lodge my first BAS statement using Free Accounting Software, but when I try to retrieve my activity statements from the ATO using my Auskey through Free Accounting Software it does not work and I receive this message:

Messages (note that messages created when lodging are not removed until re-lodgement)

Error, FASBOT.ERR, List did not succeed, List did not succeed

Error, CMN.ATO.AS.EM139, EM139NoAsAccount

I can access my BAS statement through the ATO Business portal, I was just wondering if you could help me to access it through Free Accounting software so I can pre fill the statement with the information from Free Accounting Software?

Hi Rikki,

The error message "EM139NoAsAccount" means No Activity Statement (AS) Account. This is normally because you are a sole trader and your activity statement account is on branch 2.

If you check a previous BAS you will see that there is a branch next to the ABN. On a printed BAS it may be printed as your ABN then a slash then a branch.

Free Accounting Software defaults to branch 1. To change to branch 2 go to the SBR Organisation Details page and change the branch there.

Note the branch is entered as "2" not "002" do not enter leading zeros.



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