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Hi there Glen. I'd like to be able to isolate payroll transactions on the cash worksheet transaction display. Can you add a filter for say, transaction type: cash payments, cash receipts, pay slips. Would also be good to have a from and to date range - reconciliations will come later. Thanks, Paul.
Update - looks like I can get selected payroll transastions through P&L, along with date range, I think I'm good. Paul.
Hi Paul,

A lot of people try to use the cash worksheet to see how their business is performing. But as you've noticed, it's best to use the P&L and Balance Sheet for that. The cash worksheet is just for getting the transactions entered.

Also the cash worksheet does not have a from date but it has a display months. So if you view the cash worksheet at 31 July 2014 with 1 months history then you get everything from 1 July to 31 July (as well as any unreconciled transactions).

To hide the unreconciled transactions you need to reconcile the bank statement (if you have not already done so). Check the bank statement reconciliation videos.



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