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I have uploaded 2 Auskeys and need to do a third, but I don't know which password to use - I had trouble with the upload and have tried re-loading, changing password etc so many times that I am now have no idea which passwords relate to what. Is there a way to reset the FAS auskey password?
Even if you have multiple AUS Keys uploaded there is only 1 AUS key password for all the keys (credentials). When you upload a second AUS Key (aka keystore) and you have an existing one already uploaded, you need to type the password for the previously uploaded AUS Key and the password for the new AUS Key. The previously uploaded AUS Key password is changed to the new password.

You can also change your uploaded AUS Key password without uploading a new AUS key by typing the old and new AUS key passwords on that same page.

The AUS Key password cannot be reset. If you forgot it you need to get a new AUS key from

Also note that changing the password on the AUS Key that you uploaded to Free Accounting Software does not change the password on the AUS Key on your computer.

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