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Hi Glen, I would like to use your software, in the past I have used E-Record which generated a Paper BAS Statement for me and loaded in all figures for me for stated period. I then Just filled out my BAS manually onto paper one sent from ATO. I would like to keep doing it this way if possible. Can your system work out the figures for me so I can manually send in my paper BAS, and if so How do I do that?
Cheers Stephen
Hi Stephen,

You can use Free Accounting Software without an AUS Key. However, for BAS lodgment I highly recommend that you get an AUS Key.

If lodging without an AUS Key you will need to use the taxes movements report. However, if you prepare your BAS on the cash basis, the system will not automatically adjust the figures to cash basis. E.g. if you use the receivable worksheet unpaid sales are included.

If you just spend 5 min and upload your AUS Key then the system will automatically:

* Detect if you are lodging the BAS on a cash or accruals accounting method and automatically adjust the amounts appropriately.

* Detect the dates that you are registered for GST (if you registered part way through the month) and calculate the GST for that time.

* Prefill other obligations like PAYG Withholding and PAYG Instalment.

Electronic lodgment is quicker, easier, less likely to have errors than the paper lodgment and you get a 2 week extension so I don't know why you would choose paper lodgment.

I've spent a fair bit of time and effort to implement electronic lodgment.

So basically instead of "just" filling in a paper form and posting it you can just click the lodge button.



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