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Hi Glen,

I could not find my AUSkey using the instructions you gave, but found this on the ATO website, and it worked for me:

Here are the instructions on how to find your AUSkey on OSX Lion. Lion hides your ~Library folder so these instructions have to be followed to find the AUSkey.

[EDIT by Glen: Instructions removed as it was actually from another software providers website. See reply for instructions]

Regards, Erika
Thanks for the info. I had to remove the instructions as it was actually from another software providers website.

There are some instructions on the AUS Key upload page. Also there are instructions on the website. Search for "Back up your AUS key".

You are correct that the ~Library folder is hidden. The easiest approach seems to be to copy it to a not hidden folder and then upload it from there. When using finder you can enter the full path and view the contents of the hidden folder. If you enter part of the path then you will not be able to find it.

I am not a Mac user so I have not confirmed these instructions. I have provided them to several Mac users and it seems to work. If other Mac users would like to confirm it works or add some tips that would be great.

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