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Hi Glen,

Been using the software and loving it...

Quick question: what's the best way to handle payroll payments?

Hi Herman,

So far we have only offered payroll as a service rather than a part of the free software. In the next update which I will be releasing in early May 2012, we will be adding payroll so that users can enter their own payroll rather than use our payroll service.

You could enter a pay slip by using the Cash Payment page, however the tax codes setup to make it display on the BAS correctly is a little complicated. Also the pdf document will probably not meet the requirements of a valid pay slip.


Hi Glen,
Really looking forward to the addition. If you need any testers let me know.

Kind regards
Hi Glen,
on your new payroll system you have a attendance type.
im trying to add time sheet but doesnt allow me because it requires attendance type. what do you mean by that?

Payroll is now available check out the videos about how to use this.

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