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My name is Bianca and I am new to this software.

I may have overlooked, but I couldn't find a video on how to create your own credit sales invoice?

I would like to create a customised invoice; adding my logo and also payment details for my clients. Where and what fields do I enter the payment details? My clients can pay directly into my bank account and also via PayPal.

Your guidance is highly valued and appreciated.

Kind regards
Hey Glen, love the product, easy to use and functional.

I would like to customise my invoice and have seen the field names that are required. To make it easier, is it possible to for you to add the default template file to the help section, so that we can download and alter as required?
Thanks for the positive feedback. I'll email you the template.

I have not put the link up because I am planning a major upgrade for 30 June 2012 and it will change the pdf template field names abit. All existing pdf templates will continue to work as is. If in the meantime anyone wants the template just email and I will send it over.
You can now download the invoice template from the Credit Sales PDF Upload page.

The template can be used for the Cash Received pdf, Purchase Invoice pdf (purchase order) and Cash Payment pdf (remittance advice). The only difference is that where it says Invoice number you probably want to change it to Document number/Receipt number as appropriate.
Hi. New to this software. Thanks very much the creators of.

I've been trying to create sales invoice from PDF Template UpLoad, but the formatting goes array when exported out of Office Libre. Curious if might be an OS problem. I'm using Mac OS X. Any feedback from other Mac users if this is achievable?
Hi Wade,

I've never had any issues with this and it has always just worked for me. I'd also be interested to hear from any Mac users.

The only problem I have ever had is with the fonts used. As I am working on Linux some of the fonts are not able to be displayed on other computers. So when the pdf is sent out the recipient could not read it. The template uses Arial which has seemed to work everywhere.

Libre Office should work fine on Mac OSX. The Libre Office website says it requires MacOSX 10.4 (Tiger) or higher.

Other things you could try is using which is pretty much the same as Libre Office.

Or you could try editing the pdf template directly and completely by pass Libre Office. This would be an option if you can get some pdf editing software on Mac. Note that the result has to be a pdf form not just a plain pdf.



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