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I am very pleased to announce that finally we have released the Company tax return 2015 and the other tax return forms are in "production verification" stage.

Whilst this is over a month later than I would have liked there are some good reasons why it's taken so long and it's worth the wait. This year we have used the new ATO/SBR technology known as SBR2 and we have been the first software provider and tax agent to lodge the Company tax return using this technology. SBR2 also enables some new forms like the Individual tax return for tax agents so it was important to make the switch.

Given that we have used this new technology for the tax returns we are really well placed to implement the tax returns on time next year and there are also some portal functions like account listing that are being made available through SBR2 that we will implement.

Also during the next part of the year I plan to implement SuperStream so that businesses with employees can pay the super funds in much the same way that they are currently lodging their BASs.

Also the number of users continues to grow and we have now had over 25,000 users join.

At this point it would be great to get some feedback and comments. Please post your comments below.
As the public officer of a co-operative (small sharemarket oriented) my organisation is most grateful to FAS allowing us to lodge our Tax Returns.

As a SMSF Trustee (with an accent on self) I appreciate the ability to lodge our our return with ATO

Thanks Glen
for any accountant with only a limited number of clients, Free Accounting is definitely the way to go. Yes we can always spend the money on a software program but if we do that we are flying in the face of our own advice, surely?

We are accountants. So we know what ROI is. If a tax lodgment software program costs us, say, $700 (most cost more we all know)and we have only 100 tax returns to lodge that means each tax return has to bear $7 of the cost of the software cost.Plus the usual addons. Not forgetting downtime costs.If we add a ledger softeware programm to that for say another $700 it just escalates.Because we won't have all 200 clients wanting a full set of financials produced.

I agree that a cost of $7 to produce a tax return is nothing in the grand scheme of things. But in today's market-place, we all need to focus on what matters. And we can spend the $700 + $700 on something that will give us a greater ROI than any tax return.

Yes I know that I'm going to get howled down for writing this. But we have to practice what we preach.
I started using your service for electronic submission of my SMSF Tax Return 2014 for the first time last year.

It’s easy to use and just what I was looking for. I got my refund within 2 weeks.

I will be using it for my Company Tax Return as well this year so keep up the good work as I am sure all your users will be counting on you.

Best Wishes and thanks a lot.


I have introduced 36 clients including John Harmer an exCA and old public practitioner mate from back in the 1980s to FreeAccountingSoftware. I want to congratulate Glen on his endeavour and foresight and have had nothing but favourable responses from my clients. It will be interesting lodging ITRs through Glen's system. I am stymied to a degree as my specialist practice in the main handles noncompliant-default taxpayers wit multiple returns outstanding ... like back till 1994? However with a lower number of tax returns compared to my 3,000+ as a practising CPA I favour Glen's system over the alternatives. Bring SBR on!

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