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Hi Glen
How do I best enter a expense paid by someone that needs to be reimbursed?
E.g. I paid parking fee for networking event with cash. I'd like my company to reimburse me for this.
My guess is:
Type: Cash payment
pay to: City council
Account code: Parking fees
However this is only the expense part. I would like to also enter the reimbursement from the company bank account to mine.
In reality a monthly expense statement might have 10 transactions, so if I can get away with 10 transactions (each their own pay-to, Account code and amount), and one reimbursement entry that would be great.
Sorry for this possibly basic question, but I just want to do it correct for this system.
The easiest is if at the end of month you get the company to pay you back for all these expenses. Add a line for each expense and just put the name of the person you paid in the description of each line.

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