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Hi looks really good, just started to use this but I am unsure about the taxes. I have set up my PAYG tax and put NA in all the fields but it still show the tax as GST on all the customer pdf tax/invoice. Since I am not registered for GST is it ok to give my customers an invoice which declares I have collected GST from them and if not how do I set it to calculate my 3 monthly PAYG without it appearing on my customers invoices, Thanks James
PAYG should not be on an invoice to a customer. You should enter a cash received or credit sale transaction to the customer with no GST and no PAYG on it.

You should then separately make the payment of wages to your employees. This would have the PAYG on it. Note that as of 5 July 2012 I have not yet released the payroll functionality. Whilst you can set up your own PAYG tax code and use the cash payment to process a pay slip I am not recommending this as it is quite difficult to get it right.

I will be releasing payroll in the next week or so. Whilst I have been using the software to provide payroll services for years now, making a user friendly version for public release has been quite a challenge.
Looking forward to payroll. If you need some beta testing done we would be keen to help out.

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