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Free Accounting Software Information for Accountants

Free Accounting Software is not just and accounting system, it's an online community. As an accountant it offers you access to an online community of businesses and enables you to attract new clients as well as provide services to existing clients.

How to Attract New Clients Using Free Accounting Software

There are three ways for you as an accountant to find new clients using Free Accounting Software.

1. List Yourself in the Accountants Directory

The accountants directory is promoted to users of Free Accounting Software as the first place to look when they require accounting assistance. Users are reminded of the accountants directory with an advertisement that appears periodically at the top of each page.

2. Refer Clients and Prospects to Use Free Accounting Software

This is a powerful way to convert prospects into clients. When you refer a prospect or client to Free Accounting Software you use your specific referrer's link. If the prospect joins Free Accounting Software they are associated with you as their accountant. When the propect views the accountants directory, it is your profile that is promoted to the prospect. Users have the right to purchase accounting services from anywhere so the prospect is not restricted from accessing the other entries in the accountants directory.

To be listed in the accountants directory it is a requirement that your website has a link to

Please log in to get your referrer's link.

3. Search Engine Optimization

All profiles in Free Accounting Software allow you to write a description of you and your business and contain a link to your website. Linking to your website in this way helps your website improve it's ranking in search results. Your profile page on Free Accounting Software will also appear in search results meaning more business owners will find out about your services.