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Free Accounting Software Accountants Directory Listing Terms and Conditions

To list in the accountants and finance professionals directory you must agree to the below conditions. These conditions are here to protect the accountants who do the right thing and ensure that users have confidence and trust in the professionals listed in the accountants directory.

You Must Link to Free Accounting Software

You must place your referrer's link on your website. This does not need to be on your home page but it does need to be the website that is listed on your profile.

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There is no requirement to refer any users. However we encourage you to refer more and we track the number of referrals you make. This may be one of the things that affect your position in the accountants directory.

The users you refer must be genuine users. We will audit the activity of these users to ensure your referral count is correct.

You Must Use Your Real Name

You must use your own name on your profile, not the name of your business. Users are individual people. You must use your real name not your nickname. As an accountant you are in a position of trust and users must know who you are.

You Agree to Co-Operate With Investigations and Complaint Resolution

You agree that we may investigate any complaint made against you. You do not have to provide any information requested, but failure to do so will result in your listing being removed. The quality of the service you provide reflects on everyone else in the accountants directory and the software itself. We may remove your listing at any time if we consider it appropriate to do so.

Early Listing Removal

As a particpant in the accountants directory you have the responsibility to act professionally and ethically. If we find that you have acted in an uprofessional, unethical, illegal manner we will remove you from the directory. No refunds of the listing fee will be made.

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