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Free Accounting Software Export Data Video

Below is an video that demonstrates the basic steps to export data from Free Accounting Software.

The Libre Office filter used in the video can be downloaded here: XBRLGL Libre Office Filter.

Libre Office itself can be downloaded here:

For the techincally minded, or people who have an interest in XBRLGL, in the video I talk about the format being XBRLGL. It should be noted that the format of the file has a number of differences to the standard XBRLGL format published by XBRL International. Some of the main differences are:

gl-cor:entryHeaderIn Free Accounting Software (FAS) an entryHeader is a single transaction. Where as in the standard XBRLGL format it could be more than one transaction having many different dates and many different customers/suppliers.
gl-cor:identifierReferenceIn FAS this element is directly under the entryHeader element. In the standard it is under the entryDetail element. Basically I just allow one customer per invoice or one supplier per payment!
gl-soc:batchIn FAS there are a number of new elements such as gl-soc:batch. The standard XBRLGL format has a batchID but has no information about the batch such as is it approved etc. so I extended it for this.
gl-soc:taxMasterIn FAS I have separated master file elements from transactional elements. One example is the gl-cor:taxes element which contains an element called gl-cor:taxAmount and and element called gl-cor:taxDescription. The tax amount clearly relates to the transaction and the description relates to the set up of the tax code. Separating them into separate tuples makes it easier to deal with the information.

Hopefully more accounting software will support the XBRLGL format so that users can transfer data between accounting software more easily in the future. However, at this stage I am not aware of any other publically available accounting software that supports XBRLGL format. Please let me know if you know any. (