Free Accounting Software + Tax Returns, BAS, Bookkeeping and Payroll from Free Accounting Pty Ltd

Free Accounting Software - Getting Started

This is a quick start introduction to Free Accounting Software.

Software requirements

Free Accounting Software is used online in your web browser the same way as you would use internet banking or webmail, so there is no additional software to install or maintain. I recommend you use the Google Chrome browser, but most web browsers should be ok. If you have any problems with a particular web browser please let me know by email to or telephone 1300 113 733.

Step 1 - Join

You must register to use the software. There is no software to install. You simply log in and use the accounting system from with your web browser. We handle all the software upgrades and database backups for you.

Step 2 - Create a new organisation

Free Accounting Software allows you to have multiple entities and share access with other users if desired. You can gain access to an organisation by creating the organisation or another user may grant you access to one of their entities. Therefore your first task is usually to create a new organisation.

After you log in click the button "New Organisation". Enter a description for the organisation. You may add other things like your ABN identifier or address but it is not required. You may come back and change the details at any time. When you are finished click "Save".

Step 3 - Set up your accounts

At the top of the page there is a section called "Navigation". Click on your organisation name to start working with the organisation. On the right hand side there is a set up menu. Click "Accounts".

Step 4 - Set up tax codes

Tax codes are used for recording GST on transactions. Even if your not registered for GST you will need to set up tax codes.

Click on your organisation name in the navigation to go back to the organisation menu. Click on "Taxes" to set up your tax codes.

Note that in Free Accounting Software the tax percentage rate is the rate to be applied to the GST inclusive amount therefore 10% GST is set up as 9.09091 or 1/11th.

Step 5 - Set up identifiers

In Free Accounting Software all suppliers, customers and employees are identifiers. Before you can process payments and receipts you will need to set up identifiers. Go back to the organisation menu and click on "Identifiers". Click the button "New identifier", fill in the fields and click save.

Step 6 - Enter transactions

Enter cash payments, receipts and journals in the appropriate screens. When entering transactions there is no need to remember codes for accounts or taxes etc. Simply start typing the description and the system will autocomplete the entry for you.

Step 7 - Share access with other users

You may optionally choose to share your access with another user. To do this you click "Entity user access". Follow the instructions on that screen.

Step 8 - Support

If you get stuck and need help please contact us on 1300 113 733 or email: