Free Accounting Software + Tax Returns, BAS, Bookkeeping and Payroll from Free Accounting Pty Ltd

Free Accounting Software - Import Export

Free Accounting Software uses an XML data format known as XBRL Global Ledger (XBRLGL) to transfer and store system data.

At any time you can export your data using the menu option to export. If you are transferring data from an existing system it is possible that it can export data in XBRLGL format and this may allow you to import the data into the Free Accounting Software. Data that is exported from the Free Accounting Software can be imported into another Free Accounting Software organisation.

When exporting data you can choose what data you want do export. e.g. export just the account details or export all transactions. Some things that you can do with the import export functionality are:

  1. Export all your data to keep your own backup.
  2. Export your chart of accounts and tax codes and import into a new organisation to use as a template chart of accounts.
  3. Export data to use or analyse in another tool.