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Hi, I'm Glen Hasselman the creator of Free Accounting Software. It costs a lot of money and time to host this accounting software, perform systems administration including daily backups and provide support. Also there is a lot of software that claim to be free but are not free, only offer a free trial or don't provide support. If you searched for "free accounting software" you will know that there are very few truly free options available for Australian businesses.

In return I am requesting that you help me spread the word about Free Accounting Software by placing a link on your website to as described below.

The recommended html for this link is below. Please log in to get your referrer's link.

<a href="" target="_blank">Free Accounting Software</a>

By using the referrer's link I am able to track how many new users you have referred to Free Accounting Software and I am also recording the referrer's name for each user. Although I am not using this information at the moment I am planning to use it for accountants that refer their clients and/or prospects so that the client can be referred back to the referrer where appropriate.

The number of users you have referred to Free Accounting Software is displayed on your profile.