Free Accounting Software + Tax Returns, BAS, Bookkeeping and Payroll from Free Accounting Pty Ltd

Free Accounting Software Payroll and Payments Services

Our payroll and payments services are so easy to use, simply fax us employee time sheets and supplier invoices and we do the rest. All transactions are recorded in your Free Accounting Software entity.

How does it work?

Step 1. You fax or email your timesheets and creditors invoices to us.

Step 2. We prepare your pay slips and creditor remittance advices. We give you an online approval page.

Step 3. You approve the payment and transfer the EFT file.

What about BPay and cheque payments?

If there are creditors that require payment by BPay, cheque or other means then the EFT file will transfer the funds to the Free Accounting Pty Ltd Trust Account. From there we will make all payments in the method required by the supplier (except no cash payments).