Free Accounting Software + Tax Returns, BAS, Bookkeeping and Payroll from Free Accounting Pty Ltd

Free Accounting Software Usage Suggestions

These are some recommended accounting practices to help you use Free Accounting Software more effectively.

Watch the Videos

It's a lot easier when you've seen something demonstrated. The common and important tasks such as the bank reconciliation have videos to demonstrate how they are done. If there is a feature that you would like see a video for feel free to make a suggestion by email to or call 1300 113 733.

Read the Forums

If you have a query there is a good chance someone has asked it before. If possible ask your question on the forum, that way others will also benefit from the answer.

Set Up a Test Organisation

It's free so why not set up a test organisation in addition to the real one. That way you can try out things and practice with out messing up the real one. Whilst every mistake can be corrected it's good to know you don't have to fix the mistakes. It's also good for testing things like a new Sales Invoice PDF template.

Call Us if you Get Stuck

We're happy to help. There's not much point in us providing this software if people give up too soon. Some times the solution is really simple. The phone number is 1300 113 733. However, please have at least one attempt at it first.