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Installation instructions:

1. You probably already have Java installed, but if not or you are unsure, download and install java from here:

2. Download the desktop version from the below link and double click on it or select the option to open it when downloading.

Download the desktop version - click here

We've produced a series of desktop presentation videos to help you use Free Accounting Software more effectively. The videos can be accessed on the menu on the left.

Since July 2018 we now offer 2 products, a Desktop version and Cloud version. The desktop version will be more appropriate for the majority of our users and the cloud version will be more appropriate for the larger businesses, those with more accounting experience and those that are willing to put in a bit more effort to do things like bank reconciliations.

Note that the cloud version is being relaunched under

A comparison of the features is below.

 DesktopCloud to be relaunched under
Stores your data On your computer (Encrypted for security) On our servers in Australia
Works on PC, Mac, Linux (anything with Java) PC, Mac, Linux (anything with Java)
Cost Free for businesses for own use Starts at $100 per year
Bank reconciliation No (we've found a lot of people don't do it and don't want to) Yes
Single Touch Payroll (STP) Yes Yes
Custom sales invoices and other Some customisations including addition of logo, payment terms etc. Yes fully customisable
Inventory* No* Yes

* A lot of micro businesses with inventory do not actually need an inventory system. E.g. if you run a fruit and vege shop or you have a low value of inventory on hand. Technically you have inventory but you don't put it through an inventory system. At year end you would do a stock take or even just an estimate of stock on hand.