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Chisenga Katongo
07 January 2014
Born in Lusaka, Zambia, Chisenga Katongo is popularly known by his stage name, 'Crisis Mr. Swagger.'

He is a Media specialist/ Musician/ Entertainer that primarily caters to The Mining Industry, The Corporate World, Schools, Music Organisations such as WAM (Western Australian Music), and The Indigenous People.

"We specialize in delivering the clients message about themselves, their product through electronic media such as music video's, print and online advertising developed by use of the clients image and or preferred logo" he says.

On the music side of things, the Diamond Chain Media company director takes great pride in giving people peace of mind by nurturing musicians from all levels, including the young and upcoming musicians that wish to excel.

Diamond Chain Media is the go to place for those that wish to have somebody reliable that can take care of their media needs and deliver results as they handle business elsewhere.

Documentary production is a vital part of the business as it gives the client a visual representation of their work. It is said that people respond more to picture than they do plain text or speech. Hence; the importance of this area.

As the name suggests, the company plans on developing a chain of events in which e.g. a musician is nurtured and taken from the class to the recording studio and onto a platform like Television or Radio to help their career take off.

The plan is to strategically place our services among the leading audio, video and multimedia production houses. Our industry experience has helped us develop working solutions for our customers.

Diamond Chain Media Director, Chisenga Katongo is a diverse and open minded individual. This could be attributed to the fact that he has lived and worked in various countries around the world including United Kingdom, South Africa, Hollywood, USA to eventually settling in Australia.

As a performing artist, he has won several accolades including the BEFFTA Award for Best International Artist in Atlanta Georgia and nominated for Best Southern African video.

He has shared the stage with fellow musicians such as Akon, Sean Paul, E-40, Warren G and many others and worked on commercials for South African Breweries and Coca Cola to mention a few.

Late in 2012, his song 'M.O.R.L.E.Y.' about his neighborhood was selected as the best suburban song by Perth's 92.9's Lisa, Paul and Baz.

The song got him great reviews and radio play for many weeks. The radio trio wondered where this artist had been as it was their first time hearing of him.