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Viral Shah
IT & Telecommunication Consultant
03 February 2014
Simplified Communication is an independent IT & Telecom consultants providing advice on all aspects of ICT to businesses across Australia. We are based in Brisbane with a team of highly skilled and experienced IT & Telecom personnel who travel across Australia. We have expertise in cost reduction analysis, telecom contract negotiation, telephone equipment selection, tendering and industry benchmarking in the fixed line, mobile, complex Data and telephone equipment markets. We can advise on the implementation of IP VPN’s and VoIP and have a vast experience of the mobile phone market with extensive knowledge of mobile equipment, mobile tariffs and international mobile roaming charges. Whatever ICT advice you require, whether you are an international multi-site organisation or small single office Simplified Communications has the knowledge and experience to be of assistance. We back all our advice with practical help scaled to fit your organisations requirement with our fees results based. We are not a telecom service provider or reseller of a particular brand nor do we sell any particular brand of telephone equipment: we are truly independent telecom consultants and our recommendations are based solely on your best interest.
We help businesses through a cost reduction audit using benchmarking and the identification of best alternatives. Recovery of funds by identifying billing errors, a surprisingly common occurrence in both the mobile phone and fixed line markets. You have no wasted resources as we have the experience and the telecoms experts. You concentrate on your core business while we provide telecoms expertise. Our telecoms consultants stay on top of new developments and emerging technologies on your behalf. We augment your existing staff without adding long-term payroll costs. We help you maximize the use of your existing telecoms systems and advise on new technology solutions to assist you in achieving your goals. Recommendations made by our telecoms consultants achieve cost savings and efficiency improvements simultaneously. Feel confident in your decisions, knowing they are supported by advice from telecoms experts. Our advice is fully independent and objective, ensuring we recommend the best telecoms solutions to meet your needs. Our commitment to providing value to your business does not end when we leave your premises; we continually work to find new ways to assist you in achieving your goals. One of the ways that we have found to add value to your business is through our Request Support program providing ongoing assistance.