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David Tipoki
Compliance and Management
12 February 2014
As an entertainer and musician, singer/songwriter and manager/producer I have learnt the art of open mindedness, creativity, solutions finding and the pursuit of excellence. As a parent I have mastered the complex and patience-challenging art of negotiation. I believe I bring a mix of talent, tools, tact and taste to the negotiating table. The use of modern technology especially in marketing is still only used by a mere handful of entrepreneurs but thanks to the marketing and business training received via Deakin University, it becomes a very effective arsenal in delivering agreeable outcomes. I believe in honesty and integrity in dealing with customers and clients.
Music, its appreciation and practice is an all encompassing art that balances left and right, yin and yang, or any other opposites you might care to conjure up. So if I think in terms of melody, harmony, chords, structure, scales and unity, therein are the most professional of traits which I can adapt and utilise in any task or activity I care to take on.
Dominant work personality type is Social; I am also artistic, enterprising, investigative and realistic. I build trust and credibility, is able to focus on customers needs and can adapt to change quickly.
Specialties: Music performance, music creation, music management, safety and compliance, teaching and training, negotiation, solutions finding, marketing, creative design, sound design, PA and production operation, IT helpdesk, conflict resolution.