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Maggie Webber
Small Business Coach and Consultant
30 January 2015
Maggie Webber is a dedicated professional, whose resilience, determination and persistence have allowed her to overcome many challenging situations, so she now uses her unique skill set to show others how to do the same, both in their career and personal life. She established her own company in 1984, providing marketing and business development services to start-ups such as Micro-Pay. Maggie went on to coach and consult to such high level clients as the Ceanet, the Macquarie Institute, McGrath and Regency Real Estate, Pickwick Group and the Global IT Platform.
Telstra’s “Business Woman of the Year”, for which she has been nominated twice, recognized her accomplishments, and she has also held the position as secretary to the National Speakers Association of NSW.
Many of Maggie's clients have given her high praise for helping them bring improvement to their business, through her teaching, coaching and inspirational talks. Deepak Chopra shared, “Maggie is one of our finest teachers. Her dedication and commitment are truly infinite”. John McGrath, founder of McGrath Real Estate, applauded her stating: “Maggie Webber’s work is fresh, innovative and right-on for businesses struggling in this new environment. She won’t improve your business – she’ll show you how to revolutionize it!"
Maggie has spoken for Rotary and Probus and also mentored young entrepreneurs on how to start their own business, both on- and off-line. Through her coaching arm, “Shift Happens Now,” Maggie has a strong desire to guide more executive women in how to create their own consultancy. Kim Hadley, a psychologist with a private practice, commended Maggie stating, “I first met Maggie at a communication course, at which she was the presenter. I was impressed by her knowledge, passion and openness. These personal qualities gave me the confidence to approach her for life and business coaching. It has been uplifting, and she has delivered beyond my expectations. Maggie has helped my shift to happen!”