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Cathy Chandani
Occupational Therapist
01 March 2015
Cathy Hill, BOccThy is a mental health occupational therapist with a widerange of experience working in mental health in Australia and overseas. Her particular interest is the rehabilitation and integration of people with schizophrenia into the community, which includes working with families, the primary caregivers. Cathy attended a training workshop with Delaune Pollard and since then has used the Functional Cognition model extensively in her work. She finds that ensuring her clients have access to environmental structures, both human and non-human, that support their functional cognition level does aid their recovery. It helps them to live satisfying, meaningful lives.

Cathy is a director of Karakan, a non-profit community organization providing lifestyle support to people with mental illness living in the community. She currently works in an Older Persons' Mental Health service and is in private practice. She has worked with clients in acute and institutional settings, in day centres and as a community case manager.

Cathy is passionate about applying evidence based interventions to her work. In particular she is interested in exploring the application of the Allen’s Cognitive Levels within a Recovery Framework.