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Free Accounting Software - Darius Smith

Darius Smith
Yealering WA
Small Business Owner
15 April 2015
Born in Perth WA, Married with four adult children. Am a Church goer and my interest in business was always primarily to fund family needs and hoped to help out in the world in a philanthropic fashion. When I started my children were all small. Have to say not a lot of success financially, we have however survived as a family having moved house over 35 times in 27 years of marriage! Not a record I wanted to have at 48 but that is how it is using our homes to jump from the wreckage of one financial disaster to another.
We have a couple of rural shop properties in small towns as that is what matched our small budget. When I saw the Free Accounting site I thought it is time way overdue to get some real help with how to run a business as neither my wife or I have any formal training in business yet our parents on both sides have had successful shops and businesses yet also were not formerly trained.
The software looks good and fabulously free.
I am hoping to finally get a handle on the finances of the NSW shop and post office which we are running off site before we actually decide on what we are doing in our WA property in the wheat belt. I have big plans and ideas for the WA site and if possible some more ideas for annual events in the town and employing our acting, singing and performing abilities in the picture as well.