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Mark White
28 April 2015
Hello My name is Mark White I am a 51 years young and i live in Strathdale, Bendigo and have been living here for 20 odd years formaly from essendon where i grew up i was born in swindon in england.

I started this business in July 2013 and have about 50 regular customers. I am the person who you would Contact and the person who would be doing the job! I am committed to build my bussiness by word of mouth and for the last year i have Acquired quite a few customers so much so i am almost full of regular customers i would say at least a third of them have come from other customers passing on my information so thanks to those who have...:)

I don't just Mow Lawns I can do quite a few other jobs around the house from trimming bushes and roses to small maintenance jobs such as painting fences to fixing that gate that dont shut easy to putting up small sheds and cleaning windows, My mower and other tools are maintained and most are commercial tools there is nothing worse and embarrassing than to break down during a job.