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Kristien Palmer
Graphic Design & Web Design
01 February 2011
Positive and Professional.

Are you tired of never getting the professional help you require? Do you ever feel second rate while your graphic designer or printer is to busy taking care of the larger clients? Are
you put on hold when ever you need a fast quote?

At Get Ideas Now, you (the customer) are the most important person at the beginning and end of every project. We tailor design each creative package to meet your every needs. We will guide you through each stage of planning and preparation.

Product specific planning is required.

You have an idea.. A great idea! You’re a physio, retailer,artist, event organiser, interior designer with a great idea. You need help translating it into words and graphics so the rest of the world will ‘get it’.

Being that you are so important to us, your print/web marketing ideas require product specific planning and organisation, to minimise cost, enhance your business image, and help you stay ahead of your competition.

That’s where we come in — Delivering conceptual design solutions, that is an integral part of your business ranging from your logo identity, through to advertising and promotional materials.

With our latest tools in print and design production, we can help you to create a lasting impression with the consumer that is paramount to the success of your business.