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Jordi Brighton
06 December 2012
Snapatoonies is an exciting, interactive children's animation series that takes kids on fun filled adventures. The show is packed full of wonderful learning opportunities to give kids the head start they deserve to succeed. There is something for every child aged 1 through 5 to learn in each of the wonderful, ever changing stories of Snapatoonies.

With 52 shows in the series, Snapatoonies gives kids an amazing education, teaching them in each show through different character and story lines and captivating their attention to discover and learn. The Snapatoonies kids answer along with the children viewing the show to make it a lively and fun-filled interactive time.

Snapatoonies is a wonderful support for the time parents spend reading and telling stories with their children. Parents deeply appreciate the wonderful rich language that Snapatoonies uses to engage and guide their children on their discovery rich learning experience.

Snapatoonies is leading the way in toddler and preschool TV helping children be better prepared for day care, preschool and school. As one parent said, “Every child deserves Snapatoonies, it gives them the head start they deserve in life.”

Snapatoonies is available in the USA, Canada and Australia. Each episode has been customized to offer correct spelling, language and pronunciation for that country – as the founders Jordi and Lee say, “Our kids deserve the best, the very best”. Snapatoonies your little one's day, you will be glad you have.