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Blue Mountains & Mid North Coast
Home based business services
31 March 2011
I am targetting anyone in business who wants to increase their support staff without increasing overheads – wages, office space - for as long as required. I’ll work as an independent virtual contractor in partnership with clients locally or around the world, not an employee; providing business support on a regular, adhoc or project basis as needed. This ranges from providing administrative, creative or technical organisational support.

I am also aiming to target e-business for local trades people who are do not for have an office set up for whatever reason – lack of skills, space, knowledge or staff. If my clients are based locally it may be convenient for there to be a mix of onsite visits, working from home, and for those clients located remotely then the working relationship will be purely over the internet or phone – communicating with clients by email, SMS, instant messaging, fax and voice-over-internet (VOI / Skype).