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Dean Fraser
Management Consultant
28 May 2011
A seasoned management consultant with over 15 years of international experience in Financial Services with a focus on Trading, Operations, Team Mentoring, IT Networks and improving employee effectiveness. Having managed large international projects and teams, developed training systems and processes for front and back office employees, managed international portfolios for sophisticated investors as well as coaching and mentoring front line executives for enhanced performance.

My main banking and financial services focus are on trading, pricing, financial analysis, benchmarking, trend analysis, forecasting, and contract negotiations in funds management, property leasing and IT vendors.

In addition to my background in financial services, I also have extensive experience and background knowledge in management consulting as well as experience in project management, people management, team training and facilitation, strategy development, change management and leadership.

Having dealt with international clientele from Asia, UK and North America, I have a diversified background and exceptional subject matter expertise across multiple industries and disciplines, all delivered with a distinct charismatic style.