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Tony Keenan
28 October 2013
In 2012, the HOT OPTION brand entered the Australian Real Estate market for the first time, bringing real competition in the sales & property management sectors. Launching the new brand HOT OPTION Property Group in February 2012, and the Keeping It Honest program announced by Jo & Tony Keenan, was a key part of positioning ourselves in the market to be Australia’s property group of choice. 

Now we have a new vision: to expand and revolutionise the brand HOT OPTION, this time across all market segments. We will do this by partnering with like minded business and providing a seamless experience across all international and domestic markets, while retaining the same excellent reliable service.

The Real Estate Experience...
HOT OPTION Property Group embraces personalised professional real estate services and gives you and your property the attention it deserves. HOT OPTION provides accurate and up to date information, skilled analysis and sound real estate advice while continually exploring new ideas and technology, enabling us to make the selling, buying and management of Real Estate faster, easier and cost effective.