Free Accounting Software + Tax Returns, BAS, Bookkeeping and Payroll from Free Accounting Pty Ltd

Free Accounting Software - Why is it Free?

Free Accounting Software is a genuniely free accounting software hosted for you. It's free, forever, with free support. Considering the price that others charge for the same thing we are often asked questions such as the following:

FAQ 1 - How much does it cost?

Nothing! It's free.

It's free, forever. We provide free telephone and email support and the software is fully maintained and upgraded by us. There are no restrictions such as "premium" versions or limited usage. In fact there are no optional extras that you could pay for if you tried.

FAQ 2 - How do you make money?

Free Accounting Software is a commercial organisation. We have to make a profit. However, we believe that we can make a profit and contribute to society at the same time. This has been our philisophy since we started in 2003.

Free Accounting Pty Ltd is a Chartered Accounting practice and we make money by providing quality accounting services such as tax returns and payroll services. These services are not free but are priced very affordably. You are not required to use our accounting services although by doing so your helping us continue to provide the software for free.

Even if you do not use our accounting services, your welcome to join and use the software for free. We generally find that most users are very happy with the software and support and tell a lot of other people about us, which results in more users and more clients for us anyway.

We benefit when you benefit

Providing this accounting software for free is not an entirely selfless act.

  • This software was first developed for us. As accountants we needed some great software to provide services to our clients and use ourselves. We were not satisfied with the other accounting software available so we've developed our own.

  • If you use this software you will be more likely to use our accounting services. Although you don't have to of course.

  • By providing free telephone and email support we are able to find out which things the users are having difficulties with, get feedback and improve the software. We are always looking for ways to improve so if you have any ideas please contact us.

Our Mission

To provide advanced and easy to use accounting software to as many businesses as possible.